The top 23 has been revealed! Among the 23 shortlisted works, 3 will walk away with USD5000, USD3000 and USD1000 respectively. Meanwhile, the remaining 20 videos will still have a chance at winning. It will be seeded onto a blog (to be announced) for public voting and the 10 most voted will get USD100 each. In random order (mix of submissions from Asia and Europe platforms): acrobat Alyashooka Barbu Denlan69 Dreamcatcher flashgordon hrund josbo26 KartuneHustla markragunton nuomichicken rpgamer2003 thelindsayboo Trio_Inferno verte Workfire gerlart grassgazelle samfuller bigyandixit PrimeHD VideoCobra VideoCobra* *2nd entry to qualify from the same participant Congratulations to all and stay tuned to see who the 3 winners are! (The judges are clearly having a tough time deciding which to choose!)