The long wait is over! The distinguished panel of judges have voted and the Most Promising New Media Creative in Asia Pacific for 2009 is… *drumroll* Jing Quek (jing) from Singapore with his “Running Across Singapore in 30 Seconds” video entry! Jing, a photographer from SUPERHYPERREAL Creatives, will receive the Advertising Hall of Fame trophy and USD5,000 in next month’s gala dinner and awards night to be held in Singapore. It was a close fight and the judges were very impressed with the quality of entries. Here are the rest of the top 15: 2. Ronald Fong, Lee Yong Ti, Tan Zi Chao (channelbox) - Impossible is Possible 3. Ronald Fong, Lee Yong Ti, Tan Zi Chao (channelbox) - Eyeka Creative Challenge 4. Hymn Wong (koemoe18) - The Recipe for Fame 5. Natra Mohsin (Nat) - Coke Zero Impossible 6. Le Thanh Tung (khidai) - A Pirate’s Dream 7. Zhi Qun Meng (zqzqzq) and Grace Choo (ylylyl) - Visualise Your Rhythm 8. Sherwyn Lui (tuapui) - Life’s Subtle Possibilities 9. Trina Teo (trinateo) - Fame: A Visual Ballad 10. Elwin Mok (elwinmok) - F1 11. Aindri Chakraborty (aindri) - MTV+Me 12. Warwick Ferguson (warwick1975) - Fame 13. Zhi Qun Meng (zqzqzq) - Coke Zero Colorize 14. Lim An Lun, Hong Ling Yang, Kiau Jian We (diamondring) - Sennheiser Rhythm In You 15. Warwick Ferguson (warwick1975) - Sennheizer You can watch the top 15 here: Well done everyone. Jing, see you at the awards night!