We've been getting questions from some of our members asking what in the world is going on? Can't blame them though because the Sennheiser Design Competition is a complicated processes, so here's a little bit of enlightenment.
Why are there finalists and then winners? What's up with the jury selection and then public voting on the microsite? Do we need to re-enter the competition?
The ANSWER: Eyeka participants need not to re-enter the competition as all entries from Eyeka have been submitted automatically to the Sennheiser site. Among all the entries, Sennheiser would select works to feature which would get a chance to be voted on by the public. The ones most voted by the public wins, of course! So you don’t need to re-enter, all you need to do is vote for your works (if it’s shortlisted) or for any works you fancy. HERE'S WHAT HAS HAPPENED SO FAR: Eyeka Competition (gathering of entries): June to August 2009 ALL the entries received from Eyeka will have a chance at getting into any of the 3 batches. If they don’t win in the first batch, they still have a chance for the second and third. (closed) First Batch Shortlist: September 2009 First Batch Public Voting: October 2009 First Batch Winners Announcement: 1st Week of November 2009 (current) <-- Sennheiser’s just a little bit behind schedule in revealing the shortlist. But we'll do it soon! Second Batch Shortlist: October 2009 Second Batch Public Voting: November 2009 Second Batch Winners Announcement: 1st Week of December (pending) Third Batch Shortlist: November 2009 Third Batch Public Voting: December 2009 Third Batch Winners Announcement: 1st Week of January Sennheiser selects up to 15 winners to win customized HD 418 headphones every month. The first 15 has been announced so stay tuned for the remaining 30!