The second batch of finalists for the HD 418 Headphones Design Competition have been revealed. These works are currently being displayed at Vote for your favorite designs this month and the top 15 will win customised headphones with their design in it!

Sennheiser 2nd Shortlist Is your work in there?

Some of the names in the shortlist...

  • Dutyfreesins / Loose lips sink ships
  • Atikah / Prismdelic
  • Sheep / Guide
  • saad_2010 / Saad
  • Roshan2009 / Marilyn
  • Redchili / Moonster
  • Mookjams / Square
  • Zannzevon / Colouredfull
  • vousetesdespixels (Mike Green) / The Sound of Silence
  • Koemoe18 / Mayan Fashion
  • msbrownslounge / Floral Texture
  • diamondring (AJ) / Opera Mask
  • Marchu / Expansion
  • and more...

If you see your work in the gallery but your name is not on the list above, do let us know. Some of the usernames have been mispelled by the client making it difficult for us to track who are from Eyeka and who are not.

If you are not among the shortlisted for this month, remember that you still have a chance next months so stay tuned!