We're pleased to announce the winner and finalists for the iris Be Better competition. The judges:
Romi Shepherd Tom Hoskins Simon Porter Ian Cassidy
Digital Director – Creative Director – Managing Director – Planning Director
Romi Shepherd - Digital Director, iris Tom Hoskins - Creative Director, iris Simon Porter - Managing Director, iris Ian Cassidy - Panning Director, iris We received many amazing entries from different parts of the globe and out of the 530 submissions, these are the judges' choices:

Be unbeatable

Winner: (To be showcased in iris Sydney, awarded a certificate and $450 worth of Adidas gears) Finalists: (To be showcased in iris Sydney and awarded certificates) Congratulations to the winner and a big thank to everyone who participated. It was truly impressive seeing such talent coming from the eYeka community. Looking forward to your participation in our future design, illustration or photo competitions!