Since the re-launch of the contest, we have been receiving some really outstanding entries and we are positive that a winner will be determined this time. Here's a tip from the brand on what kind of image they truly want to see! Acian Technologies has expressed that they want to see images the not merely capture the essence of "Delivering Innovation" but also how it impacts people in a positive way. Innovation is about technologies that change the world (both for humans and the environment) for the better. Here are some examples:
Submit your entries, now. Deadline of submission is 14th March.

Acian Technologies is an Innovation Consulting company that is involved in a variety of technological and engineering projects, in such diverse areas as electronics, software development, railway, automotive, aerospace, etc.

Acian Technologies is looking for the photo which will best capture its motto: "Delivering Innovation"

The photo is meant to capture the theme of Innovation, especially how it relates to the technology. It will be used in posters/calendars and other marketing promotional material to help build the brand and position of Acian Technologies as the leading Innovation Consulting Company in Asia.