"My Club Med Photo Challenge Experience" is a series of posts written by the finalists selected in our recent Club Med campaign. The finalists were flown to Bali, Indonesia (all-expense paid) from May 27-June 1 to participate in daily challenges to determine the best photographer to receive a US$10,000 photography assignment from Club Med. -- 25th May 2009, 1:02pm....a time that I will remember for the rest of my life when I received that one call from Eyeka informing me that I will be spending my next 6 days in Bali with 9 other photographers around the globe for the Club Med Bali Challenge. A truly unexpected invitation. Really, me? Really?...Really? I guess words couldn't describe how happy I was to be one of the selected 10 photographers. It was a very memorable 6 days in Club Med. The challenge, the interviews, the free flow of food and drinks to complement the really beautiful ClubMed, the people, the outingsand most of all the participants and the organisers for making this trip truly unforgettable.

We had to juggle so many things for our stay there like this performer who performed for the ClubMed guests during one of the show nights. It was supposed to be a challenge to find the best of the best among the 10 of us, but the moment the challenge was handed out each day, you could feel the wonderful sense of camaraderie and genuine friendship which allows each of us to discuss our challenge to bring out the best in each of us. Is  this a competition after all? I guess this is what makes it truly memorable in the company of other photographers who is willing to share in a competitive  environment which is scarce in todays' environment. Kudos to John (Australia), Felix (Switzerland/Singapore), Min (Korea), Angela (Phillipines), Evangeline (China), CK (Malaysia), Fumie (Japan) and last but not least, my 'crazy' roomate Gary (Indonesia). You guys/gals rock!!!! These guys rock our night too on our first night together in Bali...heheheheh.

We had 3 challenges in all. One was an open theme where we were allowed to shoot anything under the sun outside the resort. The other 2 challenges had to be done within the resort. So, what was my photo challenge, you might ask? Well, I had to shoot the *%^$&#^%  and &*^$%$^&......(beeeepppp .....you think I would tell you huh .. :) Lets not spoil the fun just yet. Be patient, Eyeka will unveil the official photo shoot in due course) The biggest test in the challenge was not to feature any guest faces and yet bring out the beauty of Club Med Bali. Think, think, think, Suhaimi!! Think out of the box. So am I allowed to use the Barbie doll instead? lol

It has been a week after the ClubMed challenge and I am already missing the great company I had in ClubMed Bali. Thank you Eyeka, ClubMed and the rest of the gangs for making it a memorable trip for me. Do keep your eyes glued to Eyeka for the official release of the Club Med Bali Challenge !!! Ooops….I forgot to mention the bonus shots too…..stay tuned!! Suhaimi Abdullah (Singapore) P.S. All the photos featured were shot in Club Med :)