Located in the southern hemisphere and near the equator, Bali doesn’t only have the beaches, the clear sea and the tropical sunshine. This little island also has a unique style of traditional painting and sculpture which inspire countless contemporary artists. From May 27 to June 2, together with another eight outstanding photographers, I attended the ClubMed Photo Challenge sponsored by the world's largest tourist resort group Club Med. In one week, we had three official challenges and one bonus challenge. The various themes covered the resort facilities, services, activities inside ClubMed Bali and also the scenery outside. To avoid the situation that all the contestants rush the same subject, each photographer had different photographic themes determined by lot. The hard thing in the competition was that you could not shoot the face (or you can make the face unrecognizable, haha). Besides, the time was also very tight. It took less than eight hours to shoot, to pick the best 10 pictures and to edit them. Therefore, a lot of people envy me for my one week in Bali, but the time when I was really relaxed to appreciate Bali was very little. Everyday I must get myself out of the casual and comfort state, break the unusual rhythm of work and constantly try something new. I am not boring at it at all; this is just what attracts people in photography. During the week-long challenge in Bali, I had the photo competition and the interviews as scheduled, as well as the beautiful scenery and delicious food in ClubMed, and most importantly those nice photographers and enthusiastic staff. All of these made this competition not a photo contest, but the most impressive party for photographers all over Asia.

Nine photographers from 8 countries, having different cultural backgrounds and professional backgrounds, were in face of a variety of photographic themes within seven days. We challenged the limits of our strength and the time; we tried our best to find different perspectives to express what we experienced. However, all of these efforts are not for the final championship, but for the love of photography.Even though it has been a month to see off everybody in Bali, I still cherish the moment when we handed in the photos and shared the stories together. It feels like all of us are good friends known each other for years. With all these fantastic guys around, I can even feel the potential energy being encouraged and inspired day by dayJ It can be considered as the additional bonus besides the contest. After coming back from Bali, many friends asked me about the greatest feeling of the trip. I think it should be an open mind. Take photography and me for example, two years ago I started using a digital camera to record the small moments of ordinary life and have been sharing the photos as the amateur recorder. I always believe that people who are equipped with SLR are truly professional. When I was invited by ClubMed, I was so surprised. When talked this with the players and the organizers, they told me that with such a high popularity of cameras, everyone is a photographer. The photographic perspectives are unique for everyone. It is not related to the advantages of equipments or the high photography techniques. It is the free heart that matters much in photography. Haha, I have been talking so much… if you are patient enough to read them all, now pick up your camera and be your own photographer!! Maybe it is you who will attend the next photo contest organized by Eyeka!