The following entry was written by Coke Zero Video/Animation Contest winner, Sherwyn Lui. -- I found out about Eyeka and the Coke Zero competition from my lecturer. She is a great teacher, diligently trying to involve her students with the industry, preparing them for what is to come. So came along I, so came along Coke Zero, and we met. I was in my second year, doing my final assignment, and hell was afoot. It had broken loose and was rampaging through my schedule... time was of the essence. It is of great importance that my kind lecturer allowed me to produce the animation as my module submission, so as to save valuable time for other assignments. If not for this, I may not have undertaken this great task at all.

Sherwyn Lui with Alex Olmedo, CEO and Co-founder of Eyeka Asia Pacific

 So came the day I registered with Eyeka (yes this is my first Eyeka submission!). I sat down in front of the computer and downloaded the resources provided. I exorbitantly (haha) increased the volume of my speakers and leaned back in my chair to listen to the upbeat track provided. There I sat, with the track on loop, for close to an hour as the inspiration poured into my brain and awakened the dormant cells of creativity. I started by doing a storyboard, designing the characters, and deciding on the art direction. (I believe it is called concept art) I dwelled on the tagline - "Impossible is Possible", and let the expression flow into my pencil. Although to the layman it pretty much looks like random spirals and circles, in my head my plan was set. I decided that no one story would illustrate the tagline enough, and decided to do four. So came the big problem with four stories and a 30 second limit. Hooray for upbeat music! It solved that problem. So I got a bunch of stories going really fast. So what stories should I go for? I spent the better part of the time usually spent rolling about in bed wishing I could fall asleep with a snap of the fingers thinking about life. What do people want? I thought. Work Hard. Came the first thought. Play Hard. Came next. Overcome your Fear. And of course LOVE. and PEACE. And MONEY. And DESTROYING YOUR ENEMIES. And BECOME IMMORTAL. And then I fell asleep with that many ideas in my head. So I came to be lying on the floor telling myself to stop procrastinating (this, after about a month of lazing around and 'brainstorming'), kicking myself into action. The following includes much designer jargon: PHOTOSHOP, ILLUSTRATOR, AFTER EFFECTS. That is pretty much all I used to produce this work. After 2 weeks of a few hours a day or less of timelining and position and curve editors and camera positions and more timelining, it was done! I was proud. And it was submitted. I really never expected to win. Because if I did I would have been telling all my friends about it. But after quite a few previous competitions of telling all my friends about it and not getting anywhere, I got totally embarrassed. So this was quite a shocker. And quite an ego builder. I can be very subceptible to ego inflations.

During the award ceremony at SPH news center, with the judges and representatives from SPH, Coca Cola, MEC and Eyeka.

So here we are at the end. I won. I'm absolutely thrilled. Time to drink more Coke Zero (did you know it has NO CALORIES? zomg.) And thanks to everyone for their support. What am I going to do with $10,000? Same thing everyone does with $10,000. Spend it! - Sherwyn Lui