We've been getting a lot of great entries for the Sennheiser design competition! We'd like to clarify a few things to help increase your chance of getting selected!

 - When incorporating your design onto the template, remember to use the correct orientation. The wide part should be the bottom part, so make sure that your designs are not upside down!

- Please correct the spelling in the template, it should be Sennheiser not Synnheiser! ;)

- It would be best if the primary design elements are concentrated within the "oval" as this is the integral part that would have most visibility once the design has been attached to the headphones.

- Upload a high resolution .tif on Eyeka but remember to keep the original version (.ai with all the layers) of your files as we will be requesting for it later on!


See some excellent entries we've received recently:







Submit yours here and remember to follow the guidelines!