Winter is coming! As the 5th Indonesian Film Festival (IFF) will be held in winter, it means that the IFF team needs to work much harder to make this festival becomes bigger and better as the clock keeps on ticking. We finally have several outstanding and entertaining films to be screened in during the festival, but to make you all become more excited, we reveal the final program next month.

W O R L D  P R E M I E R E

7 Hearts, 7 Loves, 7 Women (7 Hati, 7 Cinta, 7 Wanita) has been officially selected as the Opening Film of the 5th Indonesian Film Festival.

IFF is proud to announce that the film opening this year's Festival will be 7 Hearts, 7 Loves, 7 Women (7 Hati, 7 Cinta, 7 Wanita), as the world premiere screening. A film by young and rising director, Robby Ertanto Soediskam, will open the festival both in Melbourne and Sydney for the first time. This film is about a woman who questions the idea of love until she met a colleague who successfully helped her to get over her past and discover the true meaning of love. All of the top Indonesian film stars take part in this film and most excitingly, Jajang C. Noer, widely regarded as one of the most talented and respected Indonesian film actress, will attend the premiere.

E D U C A T I O N A L  P R O G R A M  A N N O U N C E D

Special student screenings at Wesley College (St Kilda), Melbourne

The 5th IFF, together with VILTA and Wesley College proudly presents Educational Program of Maida's House (Ruma Maida)Ruma Maida is a story about how an idealistic girl name Maida struggles to save a house and discovers that there is a long history attached to the house. It is our deepest hope that this program can offer a more exciting way, both for teachers and students, of learning Bahasa Indonesia. Bookings can be made through

S H O R T  F I L M  C O M P E T I T I O N

Introducing eYeka, the official competition partner

IFF is partnering with eYeka, a community where all talented film makers and designers share their creations and insights to enter into a competition held by various famous brands, companies, and organisations. If you wish to submit your masterpiece to IFF, you can simply submit it through to eYeka.