Everyone has a journey, and my journey with eYeka ends today. After tens of thousands of emails, thousands of queries, phone calls, and countless submissions, I’m saying au revoir to eYeka. So, if you ask me how does it feel like leaving this community after a fun and fulfilling 3 years? (I will still answer it even if you don’t ask – how thick-skinned of me) I’d say, it’s bitter sweet! How not to? I’m leaving a community I’ve had the pleasure of taking care of, a community I’ve grown familiar with. As how it is with other jobs, there were ups and downs in being a Community Manager. I won’t deny that it could be draining on some days, but it was all paid off whenever I received a simple “thank you” or even a (virtual) smile from you. It makes me feel that what I do is worth it. You know what’s my favourite part of the job? It’s when I contacted you personally to inform you that you have won a prize in a contest. Your reaction never fails to form a curve (upwards, not downwards) on my lips! I could feel your excitement too! :D I’ve also had my share of jaw-dropping moments when I was moderating your submissions. I was in awe of what you could actually come up with! Like, they are seriously cool and super creative! Feel free to imagine my stupid-looking face when that happens. Hahaha! You have been more than just an online community to me. A lot of times it feels as if I’m talking to my friends, not some strangers whom I’ve never met before. It’s been such a pleasure being in the Community team, and I couldn’t ask for a better community than you guys. So I’d like to say a big THANK YOU!


  Thank you for being a part of my life journey. Thank you for teaching me about determination, about perseverance, about doing what it takes to get to what you want to do even though it may seem impossible in the beginning. Thank you for making my adventure at eYeka so colourful! I’d also like to apologize to each and every one of you for any wrongdoings that I might have done, for any hurtful words I might have said consciously or unconsciously. Please forgive me? :) On another note, please welcome our new Community Manager, Aldrich! He is a content creator himself, so I'm sure he will have no problem communicating with you guys. He is an awesome singer too! Check out his YouTube channel to see what I'm talking about ;). For Indonesian creators, he is the man you’d wanna talk to. Yes, he is an Indonesian! So guys, please welcome him and be nice to him. He won’t bite, I promise. :) So, this is it. I’m not gonna be long-winded and end my boring speech here. Stay creative and keep up the good work, guys! Remember, it may take lots of trial and error before you succeed. Ahh what am I saying? I’m sure you know this better than I do, right? :D *Waves goodbye* /amelia signing off.