Sumol - launched Dec2014 Teens hang out in groups all the time and their groups play an important role in their sense of identity and how they approach life in their teenage years. In every group you have kids who face life with a smile, choose to enjoy the day with a chilled and happy-go-lucky spirit. These are the teens that everyone wants to have around because their optimistic view of life is contagious, pulls everyone else along and uplifts the entire group. They spread good vibes and fun times to the world and it’s very infectious. Sumol is a fruit-based carbonated soft drink that is extremely delicious, fresh and enjoyable and it represents an always positive, fun, creative attitude to life. The brand stands for the sunnier side of life and their motto is – the Sumol effect: Contagious Optimism! Make a video/animation that demonstrates to the teenagers the message that “when you are optimistic, and cheerful, you inspire other people to grasp a similar approach to life” in a way that would connect with them (15-18), entertain them and encourage them to surrender to the Sumol effect's contagiousness!

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