Liebig Dear Creators, Remember this Liebig contest, in which we asked you to create an impactful and creative video that will make people love Liebig soup? Today we are glad to announce theresults of this contest! Here is the feedback from the client:
Hi all! Thanks a lot for the great job you did on the brief. The Liebig Team
And now let's discover the winners: 1st Prize (5,000€) goes to lucasdoppelt (France) for Liebig réchauffe le coeur Praise from client: An emtional ad which reconnect to the brand and a great idea around the heart that comes on people bodies
The most critical stage is creating a media is the conception. We really try to stick the best to the brief but we really like to keep a great space for creativity. When we have a good idea, we think how/where we are going to film it. Then we make it happen, and usually problems start there !!
2nd Prize (3,000€) goes to productionscarrousel (France) for Liebig, le goût qui vient du coeur. Praise from client: Strong cues around the heart with hands & vegetables 3rd Prize (2,000€) goes to carlos_takemoto (Brazil) for Follow the Heart! Praise from client: A great idea around the jumping heart. Its joyfull!
I like to thank CAMPBELL FRANCE and Eyeka for the prize!And the managers of eyeka, Ekaterina,Prisca,Aldrich, Xuan, for the patience and support!And to say that is worth participate in the contests! The feeling of winning makes up for all the effort!"
Additional Prize (2,000€) goes to Dang_Huong (Viet Nam) for Getting closer with Liebig Praise from client: A great idea around the heart with the smoke
Honestly, I am not sure how I got to know eYeka as one day I found an email from eYeka informing about a coming contest. We are a semi-professional team who are friends sharing passion and interest in creating communication products. Greatest thanks to eYeka team who are very supportive not only with a clear and inspiring brief but also helpful advice during the brainstorming and creating process. We really tried hard to detect the challenges and possibilities mentioned in the brief. Though we have failed in previous contests, we keep learning and improving our sense of understanding brief and offering better product. We also need to say thanks to all of the participants on eYeka for their amazing hard works, from which we learn and improve hugely.
Congrats to the winners and thank you to all the participants for your videos! See you soon on eYeka!