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Ladies first. Creators of the month of October - Tamaris and Fernanda!

By Ekaterina Pashina on 06 Oktober 2015 07.00 Featured Authors 0

Olá eYeka!

During the autumn months with a long winter ahead we sometimes need a bit more inspiration to stay creative. That is why this month we decided to take you to spring and to wake up your creative vibes - we are going to Brazil!

The best part is that we have two inspiring guides...Please welcome our creators of the month - Tamaris and Fernanda! These ladies have already proved themselves as very talented video makers in highly competitive eYeka video pitch contests. They usually participate on eYeka separately but sometimes they team up together and then the results of this creative tandem are quite fascinating. Let's learn more about them!

Tell us about yourself a bit. Where are you from, where do you live and what do you do now?

We are Tamaris, 26 years old, and Fernanda, 33 years old. We're both Brazilians. I live in Paris and Fernanda lives in São Paulo. But since we do a lot of projects together, we come and go a lot from São Paulo to Paris and vice versa. We're both directors and we love doing everything that's "art connected" - from photography to short films and advertisement.

How did you meet each other and what happened that you started working together in eYeka contests? What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in a team?

Tamaris: Actually we met at work so we're used to working together. We’ve been developing many projects together, some of them in France, some in Brazil. Last Christmas, I was in São Paulo and there was this contest that really inspired me. I asked Fernanda if she wanted to do it together and she got really excited. So we started working together on eYeka too. We're almost completely different. But when we think about a project, we always have the same result in mind. We almost don't even have to discuss it. Besides that, we have totally different qualities and flaws. So we manage to complete each other quite a lot and that's what makes our team so great. We manage to work a lot online, but the biggest disadvantage is that sometimes we have to work with a time zone difference from three to five hours.

What is your background and how did you end up in the creative world?

Fernanda: I’ve got a degree in advertising, but I also used to do as many filmmaking classes as I could during college. Since my freshman year, I’ve started working with cinema and never stopped. I’ve started as an assistant producer, then I became an assistant director and worked for different Brazilian directors during many years. Three years ago, I decided it was time for me to start doing my own projects. I also did an MBA in film business, so I usually direct and produce my projects.

Tamaris has done drama classes for ten years during her childhood and teenage years and she has always wanted to work in the creative world somehow. She's got a degree in Filmmaking and she worked in production companies as an assistant director since her freshman year. One year after graduating she was accepted for a three month screenwriting residence in the Universal Studios to develop her animation project. Three years ago she came to Paris for a year stay to finish her Master and everything worked out so well that she never left.

Do you have any project you are particularly proud off? Why? Can you share it with us?

We have a music channel on youtube called “2por1”. We release a new music video every two weeks from musicians of the independent music scene of Brazil. It is amazing to discover new artists, to help disclosing them and to help developing the independent and creative scene of my country. So, if you want to listen to some really good new music, you can find it here

Why did you start participating in contests on eYeka? Did it change anything in your life? Did you learn anything new or improve your skills?

What we liked so much about eYeka is the fact that all the contests always ask us to break patterns. They always want us to come up with new ideas and it gives us the freedom that every creator dreams about when they work in big agencies. And at the same time, it's a very "personal" team. When we submit something that's eventually not exactly what they're looking for, they tell you and give you the chance to submit again. eYeka changed completely the way we work and learn. It made us realize that there's no border in creation and learning. eYeka made us so much more independent and it also made us realize that in the same way it's possible to "work online”, it's possible to "learn online". We're always learning new skills and tutorials make the process so much easier.

What is your creative process when working on the entry for a contest? What do you think is crucial to succeed?

Usually we read carefully the briefing and just sleep on it. After that we brainstorm a lot, we take a look at what the brand has already done and all and we try to come up with as many ideas as we can. Actually we would love to have "the key" to succeed… All that we know is that it's important to participate as much as you can, always do your best and never give up. My father always tells me: "When you are in the sea and you want to get to the sand you will catch all sorts of waves. Some little ones, others that will make you feel you almost drowned… Until you catch a big one that will take you to the sand. The thing is that you need to be swimming if you want to catch to big one."

There are not that many girls video makers (at least in eYeka community) and you are a rare (and great) example in this niche. Why do you think this is the case?

We don't really know actually… In the beginning of film industry the equipments were too heavy so only men worked in the field. But nowadays it's hard to say. Specially because in our opinion women do such great work when it comes to filmmaking that we don't know why there aren't many out there =)

Where is your inspiration coming from? What are your favorite movies? Who are your favorite actors/artists/directors/books/shows..? :)

For us inspiration can come from anywhere, actually. Sometimes, we get inspired by a picture, a song, a story someone told us, life experiences…

We just loved Breaking Bad. But when it comes to TV shows we try to not even start them because we can get a little too addicted… We read a lot and it can go from best sellers to classics and biographies. We really like José Saramago, Mario Vargas Llosa, Michel Houellebecq and Cecília Meireles. There are some brazilian directors who inspire us a lot, such as Fernando Meirelles, Luiz Fernando Carvalho, Petra Costa and Anna Muylaert. We love french cinema and we're crazy about the work of Céline Sciamma, Eric Toledano and François Ozon.

Are there brands you would be particular interested to work with on eYeka?

We love the brands that are already on eYeka. We would really like to be able to participate on contests like "Create the next TV show concept for… " or to design children's shows for brands and things like that =)

Do you have any funny stories happened to you during the shooting?

There was this time when we were shooting with a cute four year old boy. We were in this amazing location, a big house with three dogs, a great yard, a swimming pool and many toys and puppets. We had finished filming him and we said to his father they were free to go home. Usually, actors get really happy when you say they are free to go. But this boy, he didn’t want to go. Nothing could convince him. He started hugging us and begged us to let him stay because he really wanted to keep playing in the yard. He would run from one side to the other, he would hug the dogs. He was so happy there! It was really cute.

Can you finish the phrase: “eYeka is for…” ?

..a new way of thinking

What would you recommend to the video makers who have just started participating in contests on eYeka?

Nothing is impossible and participate in as many contests as you can! Even when it comes to fields you don't usually work, you have nothing to lose. If you don't win a prize, you will sure win new skills and there is no price for that. =)


Thank you girls for this interview! We wish you best of luck in your creative adventures and looking forward to seeing you on eYeka contests!


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100+ accepted submissions, 10 prizes and 1 trip to Cannes Lions – Charly Dheulin

By Aldrich Tjahjadi on 01 September 2015 08.42 Featured Authors 0

Hi eYeka,

This September, let’s meet one of our star creators, Charly Dheulin or more commonly known as charly-dh in eYeka. With more than 100 accepted submissions, 10 prizes won and 1 trip to Cannes Lions to represent eYeka, Charly is definitely one of our closest and best creators! (Read about his journey to Cannes Lions here). Now, it’s time to be inspired by his story.

Hi I’m Charly, a 23 years old Art Director and Graphic Designer from Belgium. I gained a degree in advertising in Brussels and then I worked as an intern for McCann Brussels and ACT* Star. I’m an art lover. I act in theater plays and I draw since my childhood. When the time came to choose a “real job”, “graphic designer” seemed an obvious choice for me. 3 years ago, I started to do contests on Eyeka in search of self-improvement. I’m setting-up my own communication and design outfit here in Belgium named FullUp, along with two other creatives, one specialized in photography and the other in marketing. I’m also learning codes (HTML/CSS) right now to get more skills for my (our) future projects.

If you want to see some of my work or what FullUp do, do check out my website and facebook. Also, my photography profile here.


You have such an impressive profile with eYeka. How did it all start?

To the date I’ve won 10 prizes for eYeka contests and I had the opportunity to join Joel Cere and Nirina Ragomaharisoa on stage at Cannes Lions festival for an awesome talk: “What if my Creative Director was 25 years old” (Thanks again guys for this moment!). However, I still have in mind my first participation on eYeka. We were 4 working and having fun on one poster for Carrefour Turkey. We won the second place with my 3 fellas (2 of them are the two creatives I’m working with now). When I received this wonderful email that notice you that you are a winner I was almost crying of joy. Then the desire of doing it again grown for me and one member of the team. We won three other prizes together. Then we travelled and we started to be busy on other projects but I’m still doing eYeka stuffs by my own and sometimes with the team FullUp.


You have so much experience in eYeka. Could you share some advice and tips for your fellow creators?

Some tips to be creative and how to work? My point of view: If you don’t laugh at your own joke, If you don’t find it funny, don’t tell it! If you don’t trust in your idea don’t upload it! I don’t really have a process of creation. Creativity it’s all about involvement! Creativity is everywhere at anytime! When I’m on a project I can even think of it when I sleep, eat or poop, … Sometimes, when I read the briefing I have some ideas that come up and sometimes the contest is finished and I’m finally find the greatest idea ever (so lame! Right? …). It depens the feeling you have with the product and the brand. I’ve seen a lot of eYeka members posting like 10 declinations of the same concept. They post a bunch of entries just to make sure they will get a prize and earn money… But of course it’s not working all the time because when the idea is bad in the beginning is the same for the 10 others entries … Just take your idea, focus on it, change it 10 times if you need but make it awesome!


How has winning so many prizes with eYeka impacted your life?

My first prizes helped me to travel to Vancouver (Canada) to improve my english and to discover new places! Now I’m back and I’m saving for more travels and to inject money in my projects and my agency in the future!


What are the things you like about eYeka and what are the things you think can be improved in the future?

Just thumbs up for the eYeka team! Joel Cere told me how few you’re guys! And the job you’re doing is just awesome! I can only complain that sometimes my entries are rejected for some reasons. But I’m not mad because if the idea has been rejected, it’s probably not the idea that we are looking for!


Any concluding words?

To conclude I would say. Don’t do contest for money! Do it for self-improvement, recognition, and for the fun! If you do this I’m sure you’ll win. Love you eYeka and see you soon!


Thanks Charly for sharing your experience and important learnings for us. We wish you all the best and we are sure that you are not going to stop at 10 prizes.

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August 2015 Creator of the Month - Trisha Mae Laya and Stefan Hemady

By Charlene Ho on 04 Agustus 2015 09.55 Featured Authors 0

Hi eYeka!


August is the Sunday of Summer! And this month, let us get to know Trisha Mae Laya and team mate Stefan Hemady, our August Creator of the Month and 1st prize winner for My McDonald's  and 2nd-runner up for  Microwavable Cookie contest! They have won a total of 5 contests in the past 1 year and all are related to food!

Where you are from, your interests, what do you do besides eYeka, and how did you guys meet? 

Hi!  I’m Trisha and I'm 23 years old and I join eYeka contests with my teammate, Stefan, who is 25 years old.  We are multimedia artists from the Philippines.  My interests includes Harry Potter and Marvel, and Stefan loves DC especially Batman, but eYeka is one thing we have in common.  When we don’t make entries for eYeka, we are working on our day jobs as Graphic Artists, reading lists and articles on the internet, shooting our friends for fun, and creating art and stuff. Apart from work and eYeka, I also love to make music.  I do lots of cover songs and I write my own songs as well.  You can find some of my cover and original songs on soundcloudyoutube  and bandcamp . I would also like to share this collaboration I made with Stefan last Christmas.  Our office decided to do an outreach program and we were tasked to come up with a music video.  I wrote the song while Stefan directed the video. 


How was your team born, and how did you first find out about eYeka and when was that?

I actually found out about eYeka through one of my friends back in college.  But at that time, I wasn’t really interested in joining in any contests, and only wanted to see what was going on in eYeka.  So I never really joined any contest that time.  And then I sort of just forgot about it. Fast forward to 2013, Stefan urged me to join a contest on eYeka.  When I tried to register, to my surprise, it said that I already had an account!  I didn’t get to enter the contest Stefan had suggested, but from then on, I kept an eye on eYeka, until one day, Stefan asked me if we could work on an entry together.Stefan learned about eYeka last 2013 through our friend and fellow eYeka creator, Ram.  Stefan participated in contests under a different username, and urged me to join in contests as well.  Apart, we never really found any success.  It was only later on that we teamed up as per the advice of one of our friends, hence asking me if I wanted to team up with him on an entry.  It was awkward at first for we weren’t really that close then, but as we continued to join more contests, we became close friends.  Our brainstorms and ideas got better, and our chemistry as a team improved.

What motivates you to join contests? We noticed all the contests you have won are related to food. Is there a preference or specialty in this topic? Why? eYeka became our escape from our daily work.  Aside from the prizes, we were motivated by how fun and exciting it is to come up with ideas for different contests.  And sometimes, even if we don’t win, the kind words and feedbacks from our fellow creators are good enough to motivate us to join other contests. We participate in every contest that we can, but it just so happens that all of our winning entries were food-related. It actually became a running joke between us.  We’re not really food experts, though Stefan is a microwave chef in the office, and can cook a really mean mug cake!   

Can you share your creative process with eYeka contests?  Well, we start when Stefan bugs me whenever there’s a new contest.  We read the brief, and then try to come up with initial ideas.  If we are confident enough with our ideas, we go on and pursue joining.  Then the actual brainstorm takes place.  The upside of working as a team is that we come up with many ideas, and the brainstorming sessions are more fun and effective, compared to working alone.  We try to shift tasks in every contest so that we could get an equal load of work.   

You have been with eYeka for more than a year, may I know if participating or winning on eYeka ever changed your life? What has your eYeka experience brought you? Of course it changed our lives!  Through eYeka, not only did it give us financial support, but it also served as a way between us to gain friends.  eYeka was the reason Stefan and I became close friends.  It had helped us improve our creative thinking and method, and it gave us a different learning experience.  It also helped us improve our skills by joining different contests and working with brands and companies we would have otherwise never have been able to work with.  And also, having a community give you feedbacks on where to improve also helps us as well





Please share with us what are the things you like about eYeka and what are the things you think can be improved in the future?  

One thing we like about eYeka is that there are people whom we can get creative critique from about our work through their feedbacks on our entries.  We also love the creative environment, and all the nice staff at eYeka who are very accommodating whenever we have inquiries.  For the improvements, I think eYeka already got it covered.  We just wish that everyone else is having the best experiences in eYeka.   

Lastly, can you share with us your inspiration and your future plans?  What advices would you give to new creators? A few words to conclude? We are inspired by many things, especially the internet.  Everyday there are new, weird, funny and incredible things and it’s up to us on how we want to use them as inspiration.  Aside from that, we also get inspirations from random experiences and conversations between other people. For future plans, we will still continue joining contests on eYeka.  We’ll use the prize money for household purposes, hold a little celebration, and save some of it for future use. We don’t really have words for everyone that they don’t already know.  We had simple goals: win on contests we joined, and be eYeka’s artists of the month.  And with hard work, inspired minds, and a little bit more push, we’ve achieved it!  And you can too!  Like what Shia LaBeouf said, “Just do it! Make your dreams come true!”   

Thanks Trisha and Stefan!  We wish you guys all the best in your future contests in eYeka and we look forward to see more works from you guys!

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Creator of the month, July 2015 - Mike Galeck

By Natasha Miller on 07 Juli 2015 07.00 Featured Authors 0

Hi eYeka! Let us introduce you to Mike Galeck, our July's Creator of the Month and first winner of the Bref Boys contest! foto perfil   Hey Mike, happy July to you! What are you going to do? Are you going on holidays?

Of course, we all need to disconnect in order to come back with new good energy and vibes and face the challenges of the following months.

Tell us more about yourself? How old are you, since when have you been working, where do you live and everything you find interesting!

I am 29, I live in Spain and I have always loved cinema.

My beginnings in the audiovisual world started 10 years ago, when I acted and participated in TV shows as a stuntman. I have started editing my own videos and participating in short films while doing it.

I enjoyed what I did and what was a hobby actually became something more serious and that is when I have started to study programs of video mounting and VFX thanks to the Internet. And I have been doing that ever since, along with my daily life and job.

I have a studio now in which I have been working for several companies, developing commercial concepts and audiovisual creations. At the same time, I compete in contests that interest me.

I have stopped for a bit to dedicate time to a personal project that was pending. I don’t want to talk about it too much, but all I can say is that the experience and means I have had and acquired until now will be very useful for this. I hope I can show it to you when I am finished ;)

  How did you find out about eYeka?

It was really out of curiosity. A professional acquaintance added me on Facebook and even though we didn’t know each other, we had been discussing for a while about the audiovisual world and what would happen to it next.

He told me about eYeka and explained it to me. At that moment, I wasn’t convinced and I didn’t believe in contests websites but I decided to check the page and give it a try anyway.

One of the contests caught my attention because it was going to end right the next day, on my birthday. I read the brief and… Nothing happened. So I gave up.

In bed that night, I couldn’t stop thinking about that contest and eventually a story came up to my mind. So I instantly got up, wrote the idea down and went back to bed, much more disposed to sleep. The next day, my wife helped me shoot all the shots I needed to send the video on time, before the deadline.

Months after that, I checked my email and it was there, in my inbox: I had won first place with my video! You can imagine the great surprise.

Sans titre01

  What inspires you?

Usually, I use music to get inspiration, or I look for a zen moment which implies for me being in contact with water. It allows me to be more receptive and think smoothly. It actually all depends on the situation and place.

Tell us about your experience with the “Bref Boys” pitch contest...

It caught my attention instantly. It is a format for which I had voted in eYeka a long time ago. I believe that the quality of the entries will increase with that kind of contests. And on the other hand, the creators have the opportunity to “sell” what they can do by showing it to the client prior the shooting. Therefore, the client’s selection is safer and easier.

Even though, at the beginning, I wasn’t quite attracted by the brief (I am more an action guy than a humor guy), I managed to find a funny story to tell. I could give it the right approach and worked with people with whom I am friends with.

The post-production phase was really intense, for the digital effects I had to realize as well as the changes. But getting first place again made it all worth it.

It is very satisfactory to see than the campaign has already had a million views.

After the experience, I wouldn’t doubt in participating in another pitch contest.

Click here to discover Mike's first video for Bref!

What advices would you give to new creators and videomakers?

The secret to become a winner is to realize that behind every success, there are a lot of defeats. The key is to never give up and be optimistic. If you really believe in your project, you will be able to do everything you are asked to.

To conclude…

I always tell other people to participate in contests and test themselves. It is what I have done and it gave me a lot of opportunities.

I have felt a huge personal growth in this stage and I believe the right thing to do is to motivate others to get that opportunity. A small thing like that can change someone’s life.

Sans titre

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"We have won in 5 contests already and we are not planning to stop." - Creator of June Mordov-centre

By Ekaterina Pashina on 02 Juni 2015 05.44 Featured Authors 0

Hello eYeka, Happy June! We are very excited to celebrate the beginning of Summer and to introduce you our creator of the month - Boris from Russia, a.k.a Mordov-centre. It is actually a whole team of creators who work together on videomaking and scriptwriting.  They have already won 5 prizes on eYeka and today they will tell us more about themselves! Here we go! The best way to know the creator is to see his work. Boris and his team decided to introduce themselves through a video. Enjoy!

Hi My name is Boris Kazantsev. Me and whole my team are from a great Russian city Nizhniy Novgorod. Together with Anton Voronin we brainstorm almost every day. We have been creating ideas together for a half a year already and we perfectly complete each other. In shooting and post-production we get help from Cyrill Knyazev (operator) and Roman Bezborodov (sound director). Sometimes when our skills are not enough for a particular task we ask the army of our friends for help! :)

What do you do besides participating in online contests?

Besides participating in the online contests we do reportage, fiction and commercial shooting. Very often we shoot commercials for local clients, as well as dancing clips, short films, etc. Videomaking is our job and hobby at the same time.

How did you start creating videos?

2.5 years ago my girlfriend got a camera with video function. It all started from this moment.  I started to come up with fun stories and putting efforts into implementation. In half a year it was obvious that I was the one who used the camera more than the owner.. :)

How did you end up on eYeka?

In 2013 I won in a contest from one production center in which I got 2 prizes at the same time. This inspired me to search for the new contests. First thing I found was eYeka. Inspired by the previous victory I created a video for one of the contests (I remember it was Duracell). Unfortunately the video was awful; it did not even get accepted!! The first attempt to participate in a contest failed. :)

What are your sources of inspiration?

Our team is inspired by Cannes Lions. In our city they even organize special events of watching commercials. Just imagine: people pay money just to go and watch commercials. During this session people laugh, get surprised – have real feelings and bright emotions. I think this is what inspires us. We also want to cause these feelings with our works.

Tell us about your Daily Club video? It even got to Japanese TV! How did you get the idea? Tell us about the shooting and  your filming process in general?

Oh ..:) Daily Club – we had much fun with this video on all the stages of its creation. We got the idea really easy. We got a though “What if the teabags were hanging on the ceilings and people would make the tea using the cups on their heads?”. After that we spent a fun evening imagining different funny episodes of this video. Shooting took place during several days in different places. Our actors were our friends, relatives and even we ourselves. The end result was quite fun as we imagined it. We would like to improve it increasing the quality of the image, by inviting professional actors and using better locations, but apparently it was also enough. We always pay a lot of attention to the idea, trying to make it original and at the same time understandable. For each contest we come up with several ideas and then pick the best one. Then we prepare for the shooting: casting, props (sometimes hand-made), agree with the location. Of course sometimes despite all the planning unexpected situations may occur which we have to solve on site.

Do you have a work you are particularly proud of?

Yes, we are proud of our Iceland video. It required lots of efforts from our side. We consider it not just funny but also making the job.

 Did eYeka contest change anything in your life?

Participation and winning in eYeka contests gave us hope that we can do what we love and earn on it. I think everyone dreams of a well-paid hobby.

You won 5 prizes already! What is the secret of this success?

We have won in 5 contests and we are not planning to stop. :) It might be not that huge achievement for some of the other eYeka creators but its pretty big for us. We wish to increase this number by the end of the year. ;) We have a good experience of writing scripts for theater plays and comedy shows. Besides we love what we do and have a strong desire to spend time and invest efforts in the realization of our plans. Perhaps this plays the main role.

What would you advise creators who are just starting their participation on eYeka?

If after trying something new you failed do not rush to put a cross on yourself. Better ask yourself a question: “Would you like to succeed in this?”. If you get a strong and unconditional “Yes!” answer in your head - do not stop. Even most talented people had failures, nobody is insured from it. The most important is belief in yourself and your goal. We wish good luck to everyone!

Thanks a lot Boris for sharing your story! We wish you best of luck on eYeka and see you on Cannes Lions soon! ;)  

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